Sunset is a global company with operations in most regions of the world. Sunset is dedicated to Sunset’s principal U.S. operations. For Sunset Corporation’s global site, visit



Where can I get a copy of your Annual Report and Financial Statements?


I want to provide Sunset with my comments and feedback. What is the best way to do that?


I've got a great idea. How do I tell Sunset about it?


Where can I find out about career opportunities at Sunset?


Where do I find press information?


I’d like to use Sunset for the basis of a class assignment or report. Where can I find information?


Where can I find information on Sunset's Privacy Policy, Terms & Conditions and use of cookies?


Who should I contact if I’m experiencing technical difficulties with this site?


What’s your mailing address?


I work for an advertising agency and/or production company. How do I seek permission to use a Sunset product in an advertisement, film or television show?


Where can I direct a marketing sponsorship proposal?

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